I have a blog!!

After some years of avoidance to what was in times the uber thing at the internet, here it his, my very first blog.

In the future I will post here some of my little creations based in the all mighty Arduino, but made a little bit faster and lighter using the beautiful avr-gcc compiler and my ever growing programming skill.

Stay tuned there will be shown some amazing hacks and some not so amazing failures, but its fail and learn.

P.S. It was my girlfriend that created the blog! She done the hardest part(lol)! And she participate in the blog too!

2 responses to “I have a blog!!

  1. hi im am working on a light controller ….and im am using your methode to use c code and som of it workes but not all my display is not working, not initialising, but when i use arduino’s ovn program it works kan you please help me!!


  2. Olá, vc tem tutorial para servos?

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