Monthly Archives: March 2011

Using the ADC [tutorial part 5]

Hello dear readers, today I will write(a lot, this is a pretty long tutorial today) about the internal ADC of our micro-controller, but first a little introduction to what is an ADC.
ADC stands for analogic to digital converter and permits us to convert analogic voltage levels to a digital representation, this permits us to read things like the output of a potentiometer, LDR’s, temperature sensors(like the LM35), humidity sensors, accelerometers and gyroscopes that have an analogic voltage output, pressure sensors and much more things.
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Bitwise maths and logic operators [tutorial part 4]

Hello, here I’m again, today I will give a small maths lesson, don’t run away, its easy and its very useful for embedded programming, and its also nice to know a bit more about how our little micro-controller works. In fact I will write about bitwise operator and their usage to set, clear, toggle and even multiply and divide(!), its also the fastest way to configure registers, and to handle digital input and output operations, this bitwise maths is done using basic logic operator, like AND, OR, NOT and other.
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